Saturday, February 22, 2014

Round Robin: 91 Candles

For the Round Robin Challenge: In the Dark,I asked to see pictures taken under dark conditions. If you follow me on Facebook, you may know that this has not been a great week for me to do anything as carefree as taking pictures for a meme. My Dad collapsed in church last Sunday and was just moved from the hospital to a rehab facility on Thursday night. (He's going to be fine.) Meanwhile I've had a cold that was bad enough that I thought  at first it was flu. And I STILL had to work!

But Friday the 21st was my Dad's 91st birthday. I bought a square cake slice from Safeway, had them write "Happy Birthday Dad!" on it and took it over to the rehab place, along with appropriate candles and a lighter. But I forgot to photograph it!

No matter. The room wasn't that dark, anyway.

But I still have the candles and the lighter, so tonight I went out for camera batteries and something else to stick the candles in. Here you go:

Archivally, I also have numerous attempts at photographing candlelit Easter Vigil services at St. Michael's in years past. Here are some of those from 2013:

I'll try again this year! Meanwhile, let's see what other Robins found "In the Dark!"

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Jama said...

Wishing your dad, speedy recovery!

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Please give your dad a big Happy Birthday from me. :) I love the little cupcake with the special candles on it. :) So cute! And I loved how the fire looked in the photograph... pretty glow! :)