Saturday, November 30, 2013

Round Robin: Someone Else's Family

For the Round Robin Challenge: Family, I asked to see pictures of family, or pictures of something that represents the concept of family. I knew it was going to be a tough one for me to do; John does not allow me to take pictures of him, much less post them. The only family in reach is my dad, and I post lots of pictures of him already!

But I did have a few family-related encounters in the last month. First off, there was the All Souls Procession in Tucson on Sunday, November 3rd. Most of the people who take part in this annual local tradition do so on honor of dead family members. They often carry a photo of the deceased as they walk through the streets of downtown Tucson.

After the procession passed by me, a family set up to sell ice cream to passersby:

Here is a little film I made of that night. Note it doesn't play on mobile devices for some reason.

The other encounter with a family was last Saturday, November 23rd. It was a rainy, cold, blustery day. I took my dad for a drive, and stopped briefly at Agua Caliente Park, a place I've photographed before. I got Dad to walk around for about five minutes, at the end of which he was complaining his hands were cold. As we returned to the car, I spotted a woman in a bridal gown, and her family!

Agua Caliente Park is a beautiful place for a wedding, but not on a day like this! Note the bridal gown under a dark jacket.

 As we left, the bridal party was gamely carrying folding chairs from their cars to set up for the ceremony. "I bet you were hoping for better weather than this!" I called out to the father of the bride (or whoever).

"Sure was," he said ruefully.

Now let's see the other Robins' family photos!

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1 comment:

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Yeah, I get it! Alan and I are very private people, so he lets me do photos, as long as they are creative and from unusual lighting and angles. I like that challenge anyway, so it's all good!

I have no other family in the area, it's just us, so when it comes to this particular subject, I have to get creative. Again, I liked the challenge! :) In this world, family means a lot of things, so I just went with it!

I like your photos very much, but I never get tired of seeing your dad's smile. He has a sweet smile. But the photos you chose were pretty great!

Please, more challenges like this one that make step out of my comfort, or availability zone. I like to challenge myself to think outside the box! I encourage you to go crazy with it! :) This was fun!

:) Carly :)