Saturday, November 16, 2013

Round Robin: Truly Natural (or not)

For the Round Robin Challenge: All Natural Colors, I asked to see colors that are as true to life as we can get them, photographing something made of natural materials and left its natural color. I'm very late in posting this and due at my dad's in five minutes, but here's a quick stab and this. I'll add the text tonight!

Scarecrow on a  pole at St. Michael's.

 Wind chimes and olive trees.

Dusky leaves in a planter.

I must confess that I forgot exactly what I had asked for in this Challenge by the time I took these pictures. But I made up for it later today. Scroll up for my second entry of all-natural color - this time for reals!  Then check out the other Robins' entries:

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Carly said...

Love the scarecrows! I have mine positioned outside, in the rose and veggie garden, as well as in the roses by the front door! One apparently knows how to ride a rocking horse! Scarecrows are getting mighty sophisticated! LOL