Saturday, December 14, 2013

Round Robin: Pretty Colorful Paper

For this week's Round Robin Challenge: Pretty Paper, I asked to see any kind of pretty paper, such as stationery, art prints, children's drawings, and so on. The original inspiration was holiday wrapping paper, and of course I have several examples of that:

 Gift bags at Target

Epiphany gift boxes for Mexican kids - 
Father Smith's Rotary Shoebox Project

Let me explain that second one. "Fr. Smith’s 15th Annual Pantano Rotary Shoebox Project is underway bringing joy to children in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. These children live in makeshift houses on hillsides around Nogales. Many of these households have no one employed. This is a THREE-NATION effort for 600-800 or more filled shoeboxes – infants through 12 years and 500 blankets. Warm mittens, caps, toys, etc can fill the wrapped shoe box with top lid NOT attached to the bottom (border inspection). Blankets may be new or used and if used must be dry cleaned (leave cleaning tag attached). Shoeboxes need to be returned to the Parish Office no later than Sunday, December 15. Blankets need to rolled like a bedroll and tied with twine or ribbon. More information in back of church." The boxes shown were in Father Smith's office as of a week ago.

Really, though, wrapping paper isn't usually too exciting. How about this, then?

Yes, it's old and ragged and torn, and even the frame is junky-looking. But there's a certain beauty in the very idea of it, this page of sheet music that could be more than a century old. Or not.

No? Then let's go with these:

These are drawings, paintings and prints by an artist friend of mine, Bob Bennett. They were available for sale at St. Michael's recent Advent International Bazaar. His art is cheerful, colorful, whimsical, wonky and highly creative. As paper goes, this is much prettier than the stuff you wrap presents in!


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1 comment:

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Oooh, I love Mr. Bennett's art! You're right they are beautiful, and would be lovely as a gift or to wrap a gift with! Prehaps rolled like a scroll, so it can be framed later?

And the sheet music is another amazing idea! How lovely and simple is that? That really inspires me!

And I think we had a psychic connection when it came to the gift bags! LOL. :)

~Fun Subject!