Saturday, January 26, 2013

Round Robin: Long Enough, Far Enough

Okay, so I can't give you the oldest of my old photos for the Round Robin Challenge: Long Ago, Far Away. My oldest photo album, the one I filled up in about third through eighth grade, is hiding from me. But I do have lots of photos from 1986, when we drove around the country, looking for someplace it wasn't winter. I've shared a bunch of them before, including shots of Niagara Falls in winter, Boot Hill in Tombstone, and some backyard wildlife photos. But let me try for some new 1986 scans for you.

 Hannibal, MO. I eventually won second or third prize in a camera store photo contest with the photo I took a few seconds later.

 Niagara Falls in February. The store that developed the film basically ruined the roll, making everything gray.

Lookout Mountain and Rock City, Chattanooga, TN.


Now let's see the bumper crop of other Robins' pictures from long ago and far away!

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Martha said...

Great shots Karen! The one at Rock City really brought back memories. We went there every summer when I was growing up. I even took my own children there a few years back. My post for today's challenge is up -

Jama said...

I love that Niagara Falls shot, awesome shot!

Carly said...

Hi Karen

Oh my goodness, I really love the Niagra Falls photo. Do you have anymore? The chill that comes across gives me shivers!