Saturday, August 13, 2011

Round Robin: What's That on the Ceiling? #3 of 3

For The Round Robin Photo Challenge On the Ceiling, the last place I went was a nearby location of Chuy's Mesquite Broiler. Their restaurants are all adorned with silly Mexican beach-themed decor. Somewhere in Tucson there is, or was, a seafood restaurant where you can look up and see the bottom of a boat with legs or a shark or something sticking out. I forget exactly where I saw that. This Chuy's had nothing like that, but it was well worth a look anyway:

No boat, but lots of fish, and big beer bottles!

Yes, that's a chandelier made from (mostly) Corona bottles. And what are those things behind it? Lobsters? Mermaids?

Ah. Mermaid Barbies. "Are you photographing my girlfriend?" the manager asked - meaning Barbie!

And that's it! Please check out the other participants' entries.

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Erin said...

Of the three ceilings, I think this last one is the most fun, but the first one is the most lovely, not only for the design, but for the time it would have taking to hand paint all of that. Add to that that it is a mission and dedicated to worship, and I can almost feel the love oozing from each brush stroke.

Jama said...

What an interesting display on the ceiling! but I must admit , my favorite is the of the Mission San Xavier del Bac, those are really masterpiece!

Jama said...

Just posted mine up, sorry, a little bit late. It's already Sunday evening here...:)