Saturday, August 20, 2011

EMPS: Apple Bubbles

This week for the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, Carly wants to see Apples. So naturally I went into the bedroom where our apples are kept, and photographed these:

Confused yet? How about this?

This is how Costco sells at least some of its apples: in plastic bubbles. Open the plastic and here are (what's left of) the apples:

Here's a better shot of the bubble shell packaging. If you look closely you can see the green of pears and mangoes underneath the apples:

The explanation: John has been on a juice fast, living on concoctions of juiced fruits and vegetables. He recently took a couple of weeks off of from his nothing-but-juice regimen, but when he's going all out, and I'm buying salads and veggies and such for my own diet, the fridge gets very full! That's when we put some of the hardier fruit in the bedroom, which has A/C going at least part of the time.

The bad part is that the dresser the apples are on is under the window, and also it seems excessive to run the room's air conditioner 24 hours a day for the sake of apples, pears, mangoes, Cayenne and Pepper. So I only run it most of the time.

Today after I photographed the apple bubbles, I pulled a pear from underneath and ate part of it. It was old and mushy. Guess that's what we get for not juicing it soon enough!

One last shot. I deliberately left this at the wrong rotation for artistic purposes. This way, the bubbles and apples look like strange ornaments, or maybe a bunch of grapes.

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Jama said...

The apples here are never sold in bubbles like this, mostly they are in pre-packed plastic bag.

ellen b. said...

Very creative using the apple bubbles for your photo shoot. I hesitated to say this...but I hope all goes well with the juice fast!