Saturday, February 12, 2011

Round Robin: Wow, Look at the Colors!

This week's Round Robin theme is True Colors, and I meant that literally. The idea is to present a picture that's really colorful, without editing the picture's tone, saturation, etc. in any way. The camera has to have recorded it as really colorful.

From Tucson Sunsets

To be honest, this topic was largely inspired by the second sunset I took my dad to see during his January visit to Tucson. Here is one of the shots I took on "A" Mountain that evening. It reminds me of the surface of Jupiter.

And this is one of the extraordinarily colorful sunset shots I captured within the space of a minute or so on my way down the mountain. The presence of the other car helps to reveal something not-so obvious in the other photos. The curving, reflective surface at the bottom is not a body of water or anything like that, but the roof of my silver Kia.

Speaking of recently-purchased cars, here's one that caught my eye the first day I went car-shopping. I loved the bright green of this little car, but it was well out of my price range. I mentioned to the salesman that - while part of my brain was saying, "Ooh, pretty! I want that one!" - I could never buy a car based on something as silly as it being a pretty color. He told me that someone had recently bought one of these cars because the color matched that of the customer's Jaguar!

Since I started my new job, which involves a very long commute, very early in the morning, I've been getting off the freeway right around dawn. There are reasons why I can't take pictures too close to where I work, but I did manage to capture this sunrise. Too bad about the dark spot on the right side of the image. This also shows why I don't like sunrises as well as sunsets. They're seldom anywhere near as colorful!

Now let's go see the other Robins' colorful subjects:

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Jama said...

Awesome colors! I love looking at sunset and sunrise, the colors can be varied from subtle to bright fiery sky. I'm lucky to be staying in a highrise apartment where I can see sunrise from the kitchen's window and sunset from the balcony.The one posted in my entry for RR is the sunset.

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures---I love the reflection on your car hood!

Car Pictures said...

Nice pictures. I love that.

Toyota Car Pictures

Scrabblequeen said...

I absolutely love your sunset pic!! The reflection off the hood of the car is a wonderful added bonus. BTW...ugh! to your new, long commute.

Gattina said...

The colorful skies are so beautiful !

Dawn said...

Wow beautiful sunsets!! Gorgeous colours