Sunday, February 20, 2011

Benton Vs. a Cyberman - and a Snarky Dalek

If I can figure out how to do it, I will add a YouTube video (raw footage for now) of John Levene (aka John Anthony Blake, who played Sgt. Benton on Doctor Who) trying to stage a heroic encounter with a Cyberman and the world's snarkiest Dalek. Meanwhile here's a photo (I hope!):

And here's the cutest-ever encounter between the Doctor and K-9:

I had a reasonably great time this weekend, and took lots of photos, almost none of them of celebrities. This is because I almost never manage to sit less than a hundred feet from the stage. For the big deal events involving the actors, my photos tend to be really, really bad:


Just like being there, huh? But I kind of like it. It looks as though everyone is on the verge of teleporting out.

Okay, this app doesn't like my YouTube info or the hotel connection or something. I'll post it later.

I am in the Marriott's sports bar, Champions, where every year I treat myself to one decent meal, a steak salad. Love it! After this I start the long driver back to almost-Tucson. My new job is between here and home, so I won't actually get home to John and the dogs until Monday night.


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