Monday, February 14, 2011

EMPS: Love Birds on a Wall

This week's Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, appropriately, has "Love" as its theme. This being Valentine's Day, I thought I'd do the Monday Photo Shoot on Monday for a change. This is made possible by my having managed to sorta-kinda photograph something appropriate, something I have been wanting to photograph for the past week. If I'm very lucky, not to mention clever, I may even manage to edit, upload and post the photos by iPad.

Does it work? Well, set of, but only if the photos are on the iPad rather than online, and I have no interest in editing them at all.

Alternatively, I can try doing this from email. But again, that doesn't get the photos edited. Drat.

This is an attempt to use a different app to create text and add a photo properly.

The good news: I can resize. The bad news: I still can't darken the photo. (The really bad news: the photo didn't copy over at all.)

Now to see whether I can select all and add this to the blog entry.

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No, that didn't work at all.

Here is the photo I first uploaded, which I've since edited online using an actual computer.

And here is the other shot, also edited online. iPad had nothing to do with it being here.

The explanation: this is a mural on the front of a building I drive past when returning home from my new job. The ridiculous way the freeway is set up around here means that I drive through downtown at rush hour, and often end up either stopped at a light or inching past this mural. I like it. The birds are vermilion flycatchers. I have very little concept of what the artist is trying to convey, but there is a valentine between two of these birds.And yet they have their backs to each other!

Unfortunately I failed to grab my camera quickly enough when I first passed the building today, so I detoured south to circle around for another attempt. That time, the light wasn't red, and my attempt to grab the shot on the fly, so to speak, wasn't entirely successful. A lot like my iPad experiments, then!


Location: Tucson


Jama said...

That is one lovely mural and I'm glad you did that u-turn to take photo to share with us .Love it and it fits perfectly with this week theme.

MyMaracas said...

Cool mural. The bird detail is the best part, too.

Scrabblequeen said...

Cute! Isn't it always that way, stop when you actually wanted one?