Sunday, August 08, 2010

EMPS: I Can See For Miles (Sometimes)

Busy as I've been with my two part-time jobs and other stuff, some of it related to a rant I'll be ranting later, I nevertheless ended up going on two different photo shoots to get the pictures I wanted for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #101: On The Horizon. Much as I love seeing distant mountain horizons, like the ones at my beloved Babad Do'ag Vista, I equally love driving on a road so steep that the horizon is twenty or a hundred feet ahead, when the road I'm on seems about to carry me over the edge of the world. I also thought it would be nice to show you the same rock formation on the horizon from several different angles. So let's get on with it!

Here is Thimble Peak as seen from St. Matthew's Church. Tour guides like to say it looks like Snoopy on this doghouse, at least from some angles.

This may be Snyder Road, but I don't remember for sure. (Extensive messing around with Google Maps in street view strongly suggests that it's actually Houghton Road.) It's about a mile from the base of Mount Lemmon Highway. Thimble Peak is more or less straight ahead on the horizon, and much closer than it is from the church.

Near that is an unnamed dirt road that does the same thing, even more dramatically. Too bad about the telephone poles.

From six or seven miles up Mount Lemmon Highway we get a back view of Thimble Peak, looking much more Snoopy-like.

Babad Do'Ag, where the horizon is miles and miles away. Other angles show even more distant vistas.

Another horizon around every bend.

And here is what I was talking about earlier, what I went back for. The road ahead (Snyder Houghton again, I think) is the horizon. Drive to the top of that, and one may just leave the earth entirely, and sail off into the clouds.



Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Oh my... sigh... I really love the Catalina mountains! I would LOVE to photograph them one day, in fact, I think I must add them to my dream list of places to photograph! I would never get anything done if I lived in Tucson, because I would be up in the Catalina's with my camera, snapping away! That one picture, the one with the car going around the bend, reminds me of the HWY just outside of Tahoe. So, so pretty! Well done!


Jama said...

You're surrounded by gorgeous mountains , I'm so jealous . Over here, any which way you turn , you'll see highrise buildings!

Sandy said...

Very beautiful horizons you have to look at!