Sunday, August 22, 2010

EMPS: Everywhere a Sign (except this week)

For EMPS this week, Carly asked to see billboards. I haven't been by any good ones lately, but I have a few things in my files that may be of interest. I don't think I've posted any of them before. Well, except for the St. Michael's one, which I've just cropped.

From June - John McCain's billboard turns its back on his past advocacy of immigration reform to pander to the xenophobic right.

From May: Fred and Little Freddie, the two improbably colored winged bison, block part of the Copper Country billboard. I don't think anybody minds.

From January: the new artwork, "Overcome Evil with Good," is blessed and dedicated on the St. Michael's prophetic sign. Does that count as a billboard?

To get anything really interesting and regional, I'd need to drive out of town, north on I-10 West or southeast on  I-10 East. This photo dates back to a trip to IKEA  outside Phoenix in 2005. Real and fake Indian crafts, olive tasting and a Japanese-American interment camp (exhibit), all at one convenient stop between Tucson and Phoenix!

I had hoped to find you a picture of one of the billboards for THE THING? MYSTERY OF THE DESERT!" east of Tucson, but apparently I've never managed to photograph it at 75 mph.



Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Well, we won't discuss McCain, but I love billboards 1 and 2! LOL. Actually, the McCain billboard is nicely done. There are some political ones in my neck of the woods that I found myself admiring, but I didn't get back to them. They on on the approach to one of the Bay Area bridges, and I just wasn't in the area, but I might post them at some point.

Just an observation. It's funny that McCain is just now "Fighting for a Secure Border" he's been a senator for how long? I would think the perceived inaction might be something he might want to shy away from. Shrug. What do I know, I am just a democrat. LOL

Jama said...

I love your bill board, Karen! but the last one really caught my eyes. The word GILA in my language (Malay) means crazy!