Sunday, February 28, 2010

EMPS: Still Life with Steak

D'oh! As busy as I've been at this Doctor Who convention, I almost forgot to post my entry for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #78: Still Life featuring Food.  This is my shot from Friday's dinner at the Champions sports bar inside the Marriott LAX. It's a steak salad. This seems to me a very odd concept for a menu item, and is also quite expensive ($17 or $18 I think), but I love it so much I've had it twice this weekend.  Those are the only two proper meals I've had since Thursday lunch, unless you count two fish tacos (with fries? really?) from Del Taco.


In haste,



Carly said...

Hi Karen

Gosh, I haven't indulged in a steak in, well, forever! If I put a steak on a salad, that could work! :) Sooooooooooo good! Soooooooooo photogenic!



Jama said...

Looks so yummy and pretty colorful too!