Saturday, August 22, 2009

Round Robin: One White Dove

From A Herd of Birds

Given all my distractions this week - repeated car troubles, two job interviews, battles with the state of Arizona over unemployment compensation, obligations at church, volunteering for the Democrats and our hot, rain-challenged Arizona monsoon - I really thought I would have to resort to archive photos for this week's Round Robin Photo Challenge, "Birds," as suggested by Robinella of Robin's Nest. But when I came out of the Pima County Democratic Headquarters late Friday afternoon, an hour or so after a brief thunderstorm, I came upon this flock of rock doves, otherwise known as pigeons. Intriguingly, just one of the doves was nearly all white. I spent the next several minutes photographing the doves' reactions to each other, to passing cars and to the woman with the camera.

Almost immediately after I started photographing the birds, a passing car put them to flight. Intriguingly, the white dove ended up on the far side of a nearby fence while the grey doves returned to the ground on my side of it.

The separation was short-lived.

Kinda cute, isn't it?

Eventually, a honking car sent the whole flock into the air again, including the white one and a sorta-kinda partly-white one. I took one last shot and headed for Kinko's.

Now let's see everyone else's bird photos!

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a corgi said...

that white dove was sooo cute!! and you captured her so neat with her wings spread out like that! very nicely done!!


Linda said...

That white dove seems like he is ruling the roost!

MyMaracas said...

Love the spread-wing photo of that dove. As the lone white bird in the flock, it makes for quite an evocative image.

Carly said...

Hi Karen

Gorgeous shots. I love the one of the dove coming in for a landing. Just wonderful!

:) Carly

Suzanne R said...

I love the pictures of the white dove with its wings spread out. Super captures!

Margaret said...

The photo of the white dove in flight with her wings spread is fantastic. Great shot!

Jama said...

We have lots of pigeons here, they can be a pest especially when their droppings hit out laundry!