Thursday, August 06, 2009

News for Now

Some of the following info will be included in my next Weekend Assignment entry, which I'll post tomorrow. But for now, the news:

1. Pepper is no longer limping. John and I have been lifting her on and off the bed all week so she doesn't re-injure herself, but she seems to be okay now.

2. Still no progress on the unemployment claim going through.

3. The car still smells of burning wiring. I'm a little nervous that whatever made the a/c compressor clutch burn up may be burning something else as I drive in the heat. A friend told me today that a car in her neighborhood just plain caught fire recently due to the weather. I am therefore only driving a few miles at a time, windows open, and only when I have to. Obviously, the dogs have not been in the car since Monday morning.

4. I am going to repair the car a/c anyway, probably Monday. My dad is stepping in with a small loan to cover it. I did not ask him; he offered.

Now the other good news.

Cayenne has no idea what the news is,
but is prepared to be happy about it.

5. A recruiter called this morning to say that a really good job with a major disease-related charity opened up again, one for which she sent my resume over early this year. She's sending them the latest version of my resume, which now includes actual, professional non-profit experience with St. Michael's.

6. Another recruiter called this afternoon, with a potential job with a different non-profit! I have no idea what it is, but it's probably also in the medical arena.

7. An hour after that, I got a third phone call, this time from a medical software company! It was in response to an application I put in online late last week. I was invited to come in for a 2-hour application screening process next week. I'm told it's a very good company, and their HQ is about five minutes from my house.

Well! After months of employment drought, interest isn't just trickling in, it's pouring! A phone call is not an interview, and an interview is not a job. But it's a start!


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barrettmanor said...

Glad you're getting some encouraging news. The end of Paul's period of unemployment was marked by two almost simultaneous job offers. Here's hoping you find yourself in a similar dilemma soon!