Monday, August 10, 2009

EMPS: Layers of Color, Part Two

You can't really tell the extent of the what I did from the photo above; but I colored my hair today, and made kind of a mess of it. I seriously considered adding another layer of color over it - which is why this part two of my Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot for the topic "Layers." Yes, I'm posting these out of order for a reason.

Ever since discovering a henna-based product in college, I've occasionally colored my hair with some kind of reddish tint. It's probably been a year since I last did it. But I'm meeting with a potential employer tomorrow afternoon, so I figured it was time. The other day I bought a new kind of L'Oreal, which is supposed to take just ten minutes. It's more or less the same color as the darker of two shades I've used many times before. But although I timed it to the minute, it came out a bit too dark, and a bit too burgundy, which is to say, slightly purple. It also lacks any highlights to break up the darkness of the shade. I happened to be in the driveway when John got home, and the first words out of his mouth when he stepped out of the car were, "too red."

I thought about adding highlights myself tonight to moderate the color, although I realized that for someone who has never done highlights before, this could be a dangerous experiment! But when I went to Safeway, someone there (a customer with red hair) told me to look for a neutral blond and put that over this color to moderate it. So I ended up with two boxes of stuff to try, if I could only figure out which way to go in fixing this. I also saw a hair color stripping product called Color Oops or Oopsie or somesuch, but I didn't buy that one.

When I got home, John recommended that I return the hair products and go to a hairdresser to fix things properly. Carly, too warned of the dangers of my messing with things further. So if I do anything at all, I'll go to the hair salon tomorrow. No more layers of color tonight for me!

Part One will follow in a little while.


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Jama said...

Leave it to the professional to get a good job done, unless of course you have a friend who's willing to help out.

I've never color my hair, I figure with it hidden under my headscarf,no point wasting my money on dying the hair.