Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Zombie Problem Reaches Arizona

From a Phoenix tv station tonight, this breaking news about the zombie threat:

Apparently those naughty zombies are in Phoenix as well as Austin. And so I've gotta ask: are the zombies specifically targeting Republican states? More to the point for me, is Tucson at risk as well?

On the other hand, considering that the Austin sign warned of "Nazi Zombies," it's possible that the zombies are Republicans themselves. Be careful, folks. Already there are signs that certain Republicans are stumbling off in the wrong direction, oblivious to the needs of others, seeking the brains of the unwary. And some of them - Senator Kyl for example - live in Arizona.

A mural in downtown Tucson illustrates the danger. KFB 1/08

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MyMaracas said...

OMG this is funny! Republican zombies ... I can't stop laughing. This explains so much.

I saw the zombie sign on TV, and I hope those guys get a medal.

Thanks for the laugh, Karen! You made the morning worth getting up for.

Carly said...


"Republican Zombies" tee hee. Gosh, it looks like the zombies are heading west. YIKES! I think it is just wonderful someone did this. I know it's wrong, but doesn't everyone need a little bit of hunor right now? Well done.


barrettmanor said...

Austin may be the capitol of Texas, but the city itself is anything but Republican. It's a very counterculture city. I visit about once a year, but I don't think I'd want to live there. Nothing to do with politics, but I thought traffic in North Texas was bad...