Saturday, January 10, 2009

Round Robin: Resolutions and Revolutions

It's time for the Round Robin Photo Challenge again, and this one challenges the brain as much as the camera. For the topic "Camera Resolutions," Steven asks us to devise three new Round Robin topics for the new year, and photograph one of them.

But I've been feeling rather bereft of ideas recently, and as of 8 PM had no clue what to photograph. I even took a nap, literally hoping to dream up something. My dreams this morning were haunted by Bruce Campbell, of all people; but my evening nap brought me no dreams at all. So I did what I usually do in these situations. I went to Safeway. Here is what I came up with:

Camera Resolution #1: Fabulous Faces. I resolve to photograph more faces in 2009.

Cliff (anime, sf and Hitchcock fan, DVD collector, joker) smiles for the camera.

Here is my friend Cliff from Safeway, obligingly posing for this Challenge. I very seldom photograph people except at church, and that is usually a group shot or from a distance or both. John doesn't want to be photographed, because he likes his privacy. But I'm not so much of a hermit that I can't find anyone to photograph. I just need to be braver and more outgoing, and make more of an effort. So let's have a challenge that's specifically about photographing faces. I need the practice!

Camera Resolution #2: Safety First. I resolve to photograph things designed to keep us safe.

Multiple safety devices can't prevent people from driving like jerks.

Our everyday lives are full of warning labels, highway safety devices, childproof packaging, and on and on, all meant to keep us from doing something stupid and consequently being killed or injured. Some of it is vital, some merely silly. Let's photograph some of these sentinels of our health and safety. In this case, we have several on display: a speed bump, a street lamp and safety reflectors, not to mention the light of my car's headlights! Some people have no regard for such efforts, though. As I slowed down to photograph this speed bump, a guy honked at me and passed me on the left, speeding past at 30 MPH or more in a residential zone at night. I sometimes drive that fast in my neighborhood, but I wouldn't zoom past someone at a speed bump to do it!

Camera Resolution #3: Wheels. I resolve to photograph some wheels. In fact, I've done it!

The humble shopping cart gets an upgrade.

Let's have a Challenge that all about wheels, and things on wheels. The obvious candidates for such photos are cars, trucks and buses, but there are plenty of other vehicles to photograph as well.

"Wheels" - the choice of young J.D.s everywhere.

And here's where Safeway really got my brain jumpstarted. There were some teenagers who had been harassing people in the parking lot (This was 10:45 on a Friday night), and as I was leaving the store they had come inside, dumping their bicycles just inside the double doors. And there they were: wheels, waiting to be photographed.

Attention shoppers! We've made this cart harder to steal!

But the wheels that really interested me tonight were on another vehicle entirely. Last weekend I dragged John with me to Safeway, and he became fascinated with the new (or newly refurbished) shopping carts there. Each cart has a notice that if you try to take it beyond one of the yellow lines at the edge of the parting lot, the wheel will lock.

How does this work, exactly?

John was dubious. After we unloaded the groceries he examined our cart, even turning it upside down for a closer look at each wheel. He saw no evidence that the "boot" over one wheel was capable of moving to lock the wheel, or any other mechanism that would allow the cart to prevent theft as claimed. He was all for giving a practical demonstration, but I managed to talk him out of it.

Wheels of the future? Maybe! They don't squeak, anyway.

Now let's see everyone else's Photo Resolutions! And remember, you're welcome to join in, too. See the Round Robin blog for details.


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Monica said...

I LOVE the photograph of Cliff and his smile, what a treat to wake up and see that today. :-) He made me smile.

Looks like inspiration came to you after all, you just had to get outside!


splummer said...

I really like the idea of a Wheels challenge. That would be great! Have a great week-end!!


Carly said...

Hi Karen

Great suggestions all around. :) It looks like you and I were reading each other's mind with the safety one. LOL. Great minds think alike! :)

Always, Carly

Anonymous said...

I looove "fabulous faces!!!!
enjoy tour weekend


Steven said...

Fabulous Faces is cool! I like wheels too. I think the boot part you photographed is not the device. It's the solid black wheel. Odd, I would have wanted to test it out too!

Suzanne R said...

Your wheels and my "vehicles of choice" are pretty close in concept. You said it so much better, though, and also, I don't do much riding around in a shopping cart. ;-) I like all of your ideas -- can't wait to see them as RR Challenges!

Wammy said...

Love Cliff!

Gattina said...

That happens, sometimes there are just no ideas in our heads, lol ! Wheels I had done for other photogroups but people would be a good idea. I like to photograph people in action when they don't know it !

Annie said...

Good ideas, I especially like the "wheels"...that one will definitely be interesting. I've never seen those shopping carts before...but I would love to see the "boot" in

Annie =)

Nancy said...

Terrific as always, Karen!

I think I did it a bit wrong...but hey, I tried.


MyMaracas said...

Great ideas! All are full of possibilities, but I've been wanting to try portraits. All I need is a willing victim.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good ideas Karen! I really like your photo of Cliff! Very nice..he looks friendly, and you showed that very emotion in the photo :)

Gattina said...

Nice pictures and propositions. Only "face" photos would be difficult because not everybody would like to see his face published on Internet I think.