Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuffy Through the Looking Glass

Here, as promised, is my other "Reflections" entry for the Round Robin Photo Challenge. It won't be too ambitious, because I'm way behind on blog reading and commenting and the church web site and cleaning and editing and sleep - remember sleep? I didn't get much of it last night. Or the night before that. Or the night before that.

Before I get on with the main subject for tonight, here's a shot I took at 2 AM Wednesday morning. I was picking up prescriptions for my edema at a nearby 24-hour Walgreens when I noticed the store's sign reflected in the back window of the car. I just washed the car early Tuesday evening, but apparently the rinse failed to get the soap off the back of the car before the $1.50(!) wash ran out of time. Drat! The car still looks better than it did, though, and I like this reflection.


It's been a little while since I've done a Tuffycentric photo shoot, so I've recitified this state of affairs for this entry. Our bedroom has mirrored closet doors, which makes it easy to photograph reflections of Tuffy on the bed.

Tuffy ImpressionismWhen Tuffy was younger, it was evident that she was aware of her reflection and mine, and knew that the reflections corresponded to movement in the real world. She really seemed to understand what a reflection is - not another dog, but sort of her own colored shadow. Of course, a reflection doesn't smell like a dog. Maybe that explains it.

I say "when Tuffy was younger" because it's been a while since I saw her pay attention to mirror images at all. I think I see the beginnings of cataracts in Tuffy's eyes. She still gets around fine, though.

On the floor of John's bathroom is a vintage medicine chest with mirror. It's been here for a while, just another Cool Thing waiting to be used in some future renovation. Last week I photographed Tuffy in front of it. The mirror was so dirty that the image came out looking almost impressionistic!

I've since cleaned the mirror, to the extent that it can be cleaned. Here she is again, sitting in front of it earlier this evening, waiting for another bribe. Good doggie!

Check the entry below this one for a reasonably current list of other Round Robin participants. And watch the Round Robin blog later this week for a special announcement! Folks, I know I haven't commented on most of your RR entries yet. I'll get there as soon as I can, I promise!


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Carly said...

That doggie is so completely huggable. Please give him a big hug from his Auntie Carly :)

DesLily said...

But Ma.. you cleaned off all my nose prints!! aggggggh! lol

Dorn said...

Tuffy is the perfect model. Great shots, love the 'tuf-flection'.

julie said...

Hello Tuffy! He's such a sweetie. Virtual doggy treats to him!

_rRose said...

Karen - Cool images!!!

Thanks for tips! _rRose

Bea said...

Tuffy is a pretty dog... it's sad when you see them getting older. Mine are, too. She's got some german shepherd blood and what? Akita? Very handsome. I loved the photo taken through the dirty mirror. You are right... it does look impressionistic. Was she rubbing her nose on the glass?funny how they notice themselves in the mirror... my Max doesn't pay much mind to it. Misty either. They're curious at first, then walk away, without further interest. Oh well, I thought they were higher on the dog intelligence scale than that! Bea