Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just Some Photos and Stuff

Well, that's a whole weekend blown on sleeping and Wikipedia. Darn it! I didn't get laundry done, or mail sorted, or Chapter One edited the rest of the way. Can I have a do-over?

I did take a few pictures over the weekend. They had nothing to do with Memorial Day, really, but I'll tie them in anyway. Then I've got to go to bed. (You've heard that before, right?) After writing two all-nighter, marathon entries this weekend, I think I've earned a quick photos-and-caption one.

The sad truth is that most of the time, Tuffy's main interest in me, after the joyous greeting at the door, is as a dispenser of dog biscuits. This time of year, though, there's something else she wants from me: petting and scratching. Yes, it's shedding time!

Really, Tuffy sheds all year round, but I noticed a dramatic increase in this a couple of weeks ago. This is not too surprising, because we also hit 100 degrees a couple of weeks ago. Now Tuffy will hang around to be scratched, even if she knows I have no food for her. But what a mess it makes!

She also is spending a lot of time in the bedroom. The air conditioning is only on in there (and in my office) on night and weekends, but Tuffy takes advantage of the lingering coolness on weekday mornings. She was also so intered in the A/C the other day that she let me shut her in there while John and I went to the store.

Speaking of the store, I was surprised today to notice that the contest finalist "American Dairy Cow" is currently covered by a Mexican blanket. It's part of a whole series of Western-themed displays around my local Safeway.

I'm actually not quite sure what this is all about, but I think it's to sell beef. So what's with the gray hat on the steer horn?

It being Memorial Day, I had some specific ideas about the food I wanted to pick up today. When I was a kid, we used to have a picnic in the back yard, with hamburgers and hot dogs or chicken, plus Mom's potato salad (with egg, mustard, cucumber and celery), fruit salad with watermelon and cantaloupe, and salad salad with leaf lettuce and chives from the garden. But today, I pretty much settled for the watermelon.


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Becky said...

I want that quilt that the steer skull is lying on! Looks like it's made of western style bandanas. That would make a great picnic blanket! (Mmm...potato salad)

julie said...

My local Tom Thumb (owned by Safeway) is doing something similar. They've got some new line o' meat. According to the signage there's supposed to be chicken as well as beef, but I've not seen any at our local store. OTOH, the store is also undergoing a massive renovation, which means I get to pick up some deals on products they're clearing out. (I hate to wear hose, but at 75% off I'll stock up on a few pair for when I need them.)

Don't know if you saw your FeedBlitz this morning, but I managed to kill off the databases last night. All gone. I'm piecing things together from backups, Technorati, and the Google cache. All the glorious writing time I'd planned for today has gone down the tubes. And why am I doing this instead of working on the recovery? Because I HAD to look at something other than a database table - everything was starting to mush together.

Barbara said...

hmm cucumber in potato salad. I have never heard of that and will be trying it the next time I make potato salad. I am always up for new ideas for dinner.

DesLily said...

you have to just love, love, love shedding season.. I know I do here too with 9 cats! I'm sure they could keep up with , if not surpass, Tuffy lol..

Thanks for all your help over the weekend.. let me know when you get a microphone lol