Thursday, May 18, 2006

Diversions and Distractions

First, a miscellaneous photo and explanation:

This was the scene this afternoon outside Unnamed Largish Company. Yesterday, Tucson Electric Power replaced a pole, and I failed to get a picture for you. Today, about five guys in orange vests (or were they yellow ones?) were messing around with a palm tree near where the pole was. I have no idea why any of this was necessary, but they sure did leave a mess!

Tonight's entry isn't going to be anything too ambitious. I've been having all kinds of annoyances with the computer since installing the new Norton and AOL. The computer has finally stopped going online without permission, but for a while Norton was warning of intrusion attempts every five seconds, only to recommend that I "always allow." The information provided was deeply unhelpful, but I kind of gather it was warning me that AOL wanted to open a page I'd requested. Or something. Really, I have no idea, but it doesn't seem to have come from another user.

Worse that that, the computer is now extremely slow. Part of the problem is that the hard drive is almost full. I need to pull more photos and store them on CD. But the rest of it is clearly all the memory-hogging web-based applications in competition with each other. They're all trying so hard to protect me that I can barely view a web page at all. And I can't get the little "edit entry" pencils to show up in Blogger anymore. Phooey.

All of this is my long-winded explanation of the main reason I'm so distracted tonight. There are other reasons. I've been having digestive inconveniences all day, and I'm still not feeling great. I've been sidetracked by shopping for food that might make me feel better instead of worse, and by tv, and by a project involving last night's entry. Yes, I changed it, subtly, not entirely successfully, after hours of effort. Can you figure out what I did?

And here's another diversion to keep in mind. Next Wednesday, May 24th, is the date for the next Round Robin Photo Challenge, "Reflections," as suggested by Cheryl, a.k.a. BoiseLadie, of the blogs Welcome to My World and Life Through My Lens. I've started playing around with pictures for it, trying for an angle that won't be done by the other Robins.

One thing I like doing from time to time is to take pictures of the driver's side mirror on my car, trying to capture whatever amazing landscape I'm driving away from. You may recognize this particular view: Picacho Peak at sunset, as seen from the frontage road I was on this past Sunday evening. I boosted the color saturation on this, and lightened it a tiny bit. Really, though, the result is pretty much what I saw with my eyes.

If you'd like to participate in the Round Robin Photo Challenge, you're more than welcome to do so! Just read the Welcome and Rules of Play entry on the Round Robin blog,and leave your first name, blog name, and blog URL in the comments to the Reflections entry. Then take your "reflections" photo or photos, and get ready to post them on Wednesday, May 24th. Got it? Good! See you then!

Dang, I really wanted to get started on my editing today. Tomorrow, for sure.


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Carly said...

Gorgeous photo. There's that sunset shot you do so well. :) Beautiful.

DesLily said...

when i bought this dell Nortons came with it... and so did all those warnings you are getting!! Like everyone is really supposed to be such a tech that they know the right response to each message.. ticked me off royally too...
I am guessing Nortons is doing to me what it is to you for my machine is slower then my OLD machine! And trust me, with a Gig of memory and 128 GB still open of hard drive space.. that isn't my problem!! All I wanted was the anti-virus not all this security crud! I almost can't wait for it to run out so I can renew ONLY the anti-virus!!
I know being on dialup is a problem too but.. as i mentioned the old machine was faster and the main difference is Nortons!

Shelly said...

I stopped getting the Blogger edit entry pencil less than a week after they added the feature. I don't know why. I do get it on my work PC. Some things are largely unknowable.

Shelly said...

I stopped getting the Blogger edit entry pencil less than a week after they added the feature. I don't know why. I do get it on my work PC. Some things are largely unknowable.