Saturday, April 06, 2013

Round Robin: Dig the New Threads!

For this week's Round Robin Challenge: Threads, Carly asked to see, well, threads! Hmm. I can show you my sewing box...

...but I actually had a few other ideas in mind. I'd love to show you the entire thread cupboards my late stepmother Ruth had in Wilmington, with spool after spool organized on rows of spindles; but I was actually between cameras when I was at Dad and Ruth's old place for the very last time this past December. Too bad, because it was amazing! And I say that as someone who got a D in sewing in 8th grade Home Ec!

I was also thinking about the old hippie-era slang term threads, as in clothing. I had to buy some new threads this week, because a) I gave away almost all my short-sleeved tops last year due to weight loss, and had basically nothing left but Hawaiian shirts, and b) there were VIPs coming through at Job #2 on Wednesday and I needed to look presentable. So I got these:

But I'm not the only one I know who got new threads recently. Mother Clare at St. Michael's got a set of new vestments from the Benedictine Sanctuary a week or so ago. St. Michael's had lots of vestments already, in different colors for different ecclesiastic seasons; but they're all for tall men, not somewhat-short women. Mother Clare needed something she wasn't going to trip over. Here she is in her new threads at Easter Vigil:

I think the Benedictine Sisters did a nice job on these threads. They certainly used a lot of threads to do it!

Oh, and by the way, the people on the right, the ones dressed in white, are also wearing new threads here, in honor of their baptisms a few minutes before these photos were taken. But they're just in albs, nothing fancy.

Now let's go see some more threads:

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I will try to make the rounds this weekend, but I'm going to be fearfully busy. Thanks again to Carly for hosting this week!



Sue said...

Very nice vintage sewing box and I also like the very interesting threads you have chosen to show us. Nice work.

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new "threads." Especially the lace tops. Red is a power color, nice choice for work, it makes a nice statement. I remember taking a day long class on how to power dress for work, and red was on the list of must have pieces for a work wardrobe. Nicely done!

An idea, have you checked out Old Navy for work separates? They have some really cute stuff, without breaking the bank. :) I love their crepe tops and light sweaters, although I guess you don't need too many sweaters in AZ. LOL. But you get my idea.

The sewing box is wonderful. I love little decorative tin boxes, and have them everywhere around my place. One in particular once held some maple candy and has an autumn theme. Big surprise... right? Anyway, we should do "Tins" as a RR theme sometime. I bet we could get a lot of fun responses to that! :)

One question, nothing to do with this post, was that an April Fools joke or did you have an accident? YIKES that picture looks wicked! Fill me in girl!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Hi, Carly,

Yes, the previous post was for April Fool's Day, but I really did cut my head open on a cupboard door ten days ago. It was no big deal, really: no concussion, no stitches, and it's well on its way to being healed.

Mon Apr 08, 12:44:00 AM MST