Saturday, April 20, 2013

Round Robin Challenge: Theater Marquees

For the Round Robin Challenge: Theaters, Carly asked to see pictures of theaters or related images. I would love to have done this properly, with a nice photographic study of one or more theaters around Tucson, but alas, it just wasn't possible with my schedule lately. But fear now. We can still put on a show! I have a number of archive photos that I haven't posted before. Let's open the curtains on some local theaters!

One of the classic movie palaces in downtown Tucson, the Fox, was restored circa 2006. My former employer, First Magnus, helped to sponsor the restoration shortly before the company collapsed in the mortgage but of 2007. This shot is from 2009.

The Fox's wonderfully colorful tiled walls, late 2009.

The Rialto is more of a concert venue these days. The guy I helped to find guilty of drunk driving in 2007 had been at a show at the Rialto. I've never been in either that theater or the Fox.

I have been to the Gaslight Theatre, a few times. Their shows are all parodies, full of puns and corny jokes, old style pop music and old fashioned staging with basic cutouts representing cars, horses and so on. I saw a Sherlock Holmes parody one year, and a silly fake Mountie melodrama as a Christmas show another year. The current production is Arizona Smith and the Relic of Doom.

And if you want to put on a show of your own, you can always rent some of the Gaslight's costumes to do it!


So far there are only a few participants this week. How about joining in yourself?

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Carly said...

Hi Karen

I thought about doing marquees, but I kept getting caught up in the architecture! There are so many theaters in the Bay Area, I wish I could have gotten to more of them. The historic Castro in San Francisco was on my list, but it was not to be.

Anyway, love the approach to the subject! I especially liked the "Old West" nod! You are in AZ so it is a nice local nod. I think I was kinda hoping you had something in mind like that! Loving that look. Reminds me of when we visit Virginia City in Nevada, or almost any town north of Sacramento. It's like stepping back in time! :)

Nicely done!