Saturday, March 23, 2013

Round Robin: Gates Pass

For this week's Round Robin Challenge: Gates, Carly asked to see any kind of Gates. How about Gates Pass? This is the spectacularly steep road between Tucson and Avra Valley. I photographed it with my first decent digital camera back in 2005, and a number of times since then. Between my three jobs and my responsibilities with my Dad, I haven't been able to get out for a proper photo shoot, so let's dig into the archives, and see if we can find something I haven't posted before.

Got 'em! Here are three shots from almost exactly eight years ago: March 20, 2005. My Dad was in town for my graduation from University of Phoenix, and I took him to see sunset at the vernal equinox at Gates Pass.

On March 6, 2009 I was back at Gates Pass, this time with Cayenne and Pepper. It was the evening of what I still regard as the Best Sunset Ever. Here are two of the lesser photos from that jaunt:

Finally, in April 2012 I foolishly climbed up to the little stone building at Gates Pass in a high wind and bad shoes. All I had with me to photograph the occasion was my iPad:

Now let's see what gates the other Robins have photographed! And I think I'm going to do a second entry, with archived shots of actual physical gates....

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