Saturday, February 23, 2013

Round Robin: Give It Up - For Good

For this week's Round Robin Challenge: Give It Up!, I asked to see "something you've given up at some time in your life, or would like to give up, or wish someone else would give up." I could maybe get clever or esoteric or, more likely, depressing on this one, but let's go with the obvious for once. Where does a successful dieter go to look at all she's given up? Why, the supermarket, of course!

In July 2011 I gave up high carbohydrate foods. I've since lost over 130 pounds, but I've been stuck at 170 pounds since December. I've going to have to give up carbs even more stringently. Part of the problem is I had to give up running, or even walking long distances, after injuring my right knee.

The empty plate here had a little round layer cake for one yesterday. I bought it for my dad's 90th birthday, deliberately small because we can't help him eat it. He didn't eat it, either. Tonight my dad is in intensive care, but not because of some food he ate or didn't eat.

My healthy choice is not to eat even "healthy" bread.

And my candy consists of one or two squares of sugar free dark chocolate per day, and maybe an Atkins bar.

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I have a defensive driving class in the morning and my dad is still in intensive care, so I won't be around much this weekend. I'll try to check in when I can!



Sue said...

Wow, 130 pounds, that's a good result!
I hope to start dieting this Summer.
Nice pictures, those cakes are so tempting.
I hope your dad will recover soon.

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Go for you! That is excellent progress! It's not unusual to plateau, and one stupid fact of life is that as we age, so doe our metabolism. God does indeed have a sense of humor! LOL. Cinnamon is an amazing tool to fight Type 2 diabetes, I have done really well including it in my diet daily. :)

Anyway... well done!

Jama said...

I can't think of any food that I've given up, being petite and small eater, I eat everything and make sure they are well balanced and it's important to exercise to keep fit.Loosing weight is easy for me but to put on is one very difficult task to do. I guess I should be thankful for that.