Friday, November 02, 2012

Round Robin: In the Darkness is the Light

In the darkness is the light
Surrender will win the fight
--In the Darkness, theme song from So Weird
For this week's Round Robin Challenge: In the Dark, I asked to see photographs shot in low-light conditions. This is something I personally find difficult. With my mid-priced Canon non-SLR and lack of technical expertise, I've taken thousands of grainy, yellowish pictures of night scenes and murkey interiors, particularly church interiors. Still, with the aid of my cheap photo editing software, let's see what I've managed to come up with!

Let's start with an old shot, taken in June with my iPhone. This is along the river in Wilmington, NC, taken while I was Back East for my stepmother's funeral. I must say the phone did a better job than my camera does in dim lighting.

Halloween 2012. This is where I sat all evening, making up treat bags and handing them out. Check out my Facebook Halloween 2012 photo album for shots of the front of the house and my Pele the Volcano Goddess Tiki costume.

The traditional jack o' lantern shot. Except this one is electric.

 Three tier water fountain at the neighborhood park, after midnight. The lowest one is for dogs.

The gazebo in the same park.

Now let's see everyone else's shots in the dark! I am confident you'll see much better photos than mine!


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Sue said...

Well done Karen! Taking pictures in the dark isn't easy just as you said in your post but you managed very well.

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

These are wonderful! I love the gazebo and the first photo as well. I have difficulty with night shots as well, and especially now that I am using a new camera. Practice is the key! It's good to see you post a subject a little out of your comfort zone! :)

Jama said...

I love that gazebo! We have a smaller one a few blocks away and it's always filled with senior citizens hanging around after their dinner.

Jeanette said...

Love those low light photos! Especially the first one!

Janet said...

Thank you, Karen! Love the halloween pics, but especially the one taken with your iPhone along the river. I've found that most of the shots I've taken lately have been with my really does a nice job! But the one you took...makes me want to go for a walk there! I'm glad to be back, btw :-) Going to check out your FB!