Friday, November 16, 2012

Round Robin: I Write On White...

For the Round Robin Challenge: The White Stuff, I asked to see anything white, or as close to white as possible. I had no idea what I would photograph for you myself, until today when I realized I was surrounded by a sea of white stuff: white papers...

and the boxes they sometimes go in. That is, if I can ever get the filing done!

These shots are all from my second job, at Small Local Non-Profit (SLNP). On Monday I stop being a temp and become an actual employee there. I've smudged out most of the writing in these photos for the sake of confidentiality.

But as you can see, maybe, I did make a little progress today with my white paper problem!

Now let's see who else has something white to show us, before I go wrangle more white papers at church tonight!


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Carly said...


That is a lot of white paper! :) Nice approach to the theme! Into each life, a little white paper must go! ;)


Sue said...

You seem to be surrounded by white stuff especially papers!
Thanks for another interesting challenge.

Jama said...

You sure are surrounded by lots of white paper!

Lady In Read said...

white everywhere..and my daughter always want the whitest paper for her art work.. no paper with something on it...

Janet said...

Congrats on the permanent status! I'm happy for you :-) You know what would've been fun? Toss up some white papers in the air and catch them fluttering down :-)