Saturday, August 25, 2012

Round Robin: Outside In

For the Round Robin Challenge: Inside Out, Outside In, I asked to see stuff outside that you would normally find inside, or stuff seen inside that you would expect to see outside. I have examples of both for you. This first post is of outside stuff seen inside. Namely, critters! From time to time, representatives of many species of Arizona wildlife find their way into the house, from black widows to geckos. For example:

This lizard turned up next to our bathroom scale on July 18th. I photographed him before catching him to release outside. We get lizards in the house fairly often.

This was in my tub on August 2nd. I thought for a moment that it was a centipede, but soon realized it was a caterpillar. I Googled "Arizona red caterpillar" and soon discovered it was a pipevine swallowtail butterfly - or would be someday.

But I couldn't let it stay in my bathtub! So I caught it and put ot on the bathroom windowsill, expecting it to crawl away. But no: it liked the edge of my window, and decided to stay.

The caterpillar changed color over the next few days, until it was fairly obviously a pupa or cocoon. On August 13th, I noticed a slit at the top. The butterfly had emerged! But where was it?

I gently lifted the Venetian blinds. Behind them, two pipevine swallowtails struggled to get a grip on the window, or escape outside, or both.

One of them quickly escaped. The other struggled a moment longer.

Finally it got hold of the edge of the window. Then it was gone. Oddly, I found a lizard on the ledge a few minutes later. It darted away when I pointed my camera at it.

Then last week, John told me there was a new pupa in the bedroom, over the air conditioner. I'm watching for further developments.

I'll have a second post in the few minutes. Meanwhile, check out the other Robins' entries:

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Sinder Ella said...

Love these pics!

Jeanette said...

Love the little cute!

Jama said...

Lizards are our household pets...kekekekeke I don't mine having them around, which means no fly/ small insects around. Just can't stand them doing their business everywhere!! lol