Friday, August 10, 2012

Round Robin: It's (Not) A Dry Heat

For this week's Round Robin Photo Challenge: Hot! Hot! Hot!, I asked to see pictures that somehow convey the impression of heat. Short of showing a thermometer or a fire, this is a little tricky, and I'm not sure I've quite managed it. But here are some shots taken in Tucson in July and August, during the summer monsoon when we have both heat and humidity. This morning it was in the 80s, with humidity in the 40s; this afternoon it hit 108 with only 14% humidity. Hot enough for you?

The dogs catch some shade at the ramada (a sheltered area, with a roof but no walls) by the Boneyard (airplane graveyard). This must be when I lost that washcloth!

Protection against the heat: my hat and the dogs' foldable water dish.

Not much shade at the moment at Michael Perry Park.

A dry lakebed at Agua Caliente Park.

The dreadful orange sky of a stormy sunset reminds us of the heat of the sun itself.

Now let's see what other Robins found that was really hot!

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Carly said...

Hi Karen

Lovely shots of the pups. I know Cayenne is panting in the one photo, but when I first saw it I thought "what a lovely smile." LOL. Still, very cute, and very photogenic. :)

Jama said...

We barely touch 90degrees F and it's too hot for us, with the humidity too. But there's no escape unless it rained.

Rita said...

My husband likes to tell people that I would be hot in a working oven. If that is so then your town is my kind of place.

Can't stand the cold. In fact I have used an electric blanket to say warm while watching TV all summer. Perhaps I should move west.

Rita said...

OOPS! Did not proof the above very well. It should read that I would be cold in a working oven.