Friday, February 10, 2012

Round Robin Challenge: No End to Her Yarns

Okay, yes. I had ulterior motives for assigning this week's Round Robin Photo Challenge: Crafty. For the past month I've been absolutely overwhelmed with yarn, beads, needlework, costuming, embroidery, crochet, tatting, jewelry-making supplies and who-knows-what-else, all from the estate of my friend Jan Lockett, who died January 21st. In early January we packed up the contents of her shed and bedroom and moved it all into a 10 ft. x 20 ft. storage space, completely filling it. By the time she died I'd been given the task of disposing of it all. Other than furniture, I swear the majority of what was in there was yarn or thread, along with many cookie cans full of beads, and bags full of half-finished projects.

There must have been over twenty bins, bags and boxes of yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks. A member of the church's Knitters and Quilters group took home five bins to hand out at future meetings, and I carried another eight bins or boxes and three bags of the stuff across a crowded parking lot into the church's Bride's Room one Sunday afternoon. The photo above was taken in the storage space after all that. Everything you see on or next to those shelves is yarn and related supplies, except for a roll of tape and a pair of scissors. Oh, and the filing cabinet, but she also had lots of knitting, crochet and needlework patterns on file, along with books and magazines on the subject.

We had a mini-estate sale after Jan's memorial service a week ago, which we carried over to after church the next day. People from several different knitting groups carried off yarn and partially completed scarves, blanket panels and so on. One person needed specifically pink and blue, non-wool yarn for charity baby blankets. Another group makes comfort shawls or blankets (I forget which) for injured soldiers.

Even after all that, there was plenty of yarn left in the Bride's Room, along with crafts made (or partially made) from yarn...

...much of which is colorful and attractive, but hard to identify!

Now let's see what crafts other Robins have come up with:

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Jama said...

Wow, your late friend had a very big collections of yarns! It's good that some were taken over by others.