Saturday, February 25, 2012

Round Robin Challenge: Hand, Colored

For the Round Robin Challenge: Handy I did hope to get someone else's hands to photograph, but ultimately I went with my own, mostly. But those photos don't have to be boring! Hands are a good subject for fiddling with PhotoStudio's various filters and effects:

Solarization effect, denoise, saturation, tone adjustment and negative. I think.

Neon Edges effect

Solarization again.

The negative version of the previous edit.

Wet Brush effect.

When I asked John if I could photograph just his hands (for privacy's sake, he doesn't allow me to post pictures of him) he pointed out that I did something like that a while back. I used one of them at the time, but here is the other:


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Jama said...

I like what you did with photo editing, I'm just too lazy to spend time editing my photos. Most of my photos are 'as is' or with simple editing using Picassa.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Jama, your photos don't need special effects editing. They're great as they are! Mine usually aren't. ;)