Saturday, July 30, 2011

Round Robin: In Hiding

Hi ho! This week's Round Robin Photo Challenge topic is "Hidden." I'm sure I had something in mind when I came up with that theme, but I've since forgotten.

Still, there is one place where stuff gets hidden on a frequent basis: the fridge! John's on a juice fast, so the refrigerator is especially full of fruits and veggies, plus my low carb stuff. But as the shelves fill up, older stuff gets pushed to the back, or buried under the new stuff. And I'm looking for my mini-cucumbers. Are they hidden under the fresh anise and apple-chicken sausages? What is hidden under and behind there?

Well, there's my spinach salad, and a big thing of blueberries, and...I'm not sure I really want to know what's in the back!

How about the bottom shelf? What's hidden under and behind the five pound bag of carrots?

Well, there are some cucumbers. But they're John's extra large ones, not my mini-seedless ones.

Somewhere on this bookshelf is a more...deliberate hiding place. Can you spot it?

Can you see it now?

Hey, folks, anyone else want to photograph what is hidden? Check out the Round Robin blog for details!

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1 comment:

Jama said...

You sure got a lot of stuffs hidden in your fridge! I don't buy vegetable by bulk as they don't last very long in our hot weather so usually I bought enough for 5-6 days. Since the supermarket and wet market is within walking distance, I restock regularly.