Sunday, July 03, 2011

EMPS: White Isn't White

Carly wants to see pictures of White stuff for the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, with maybe a guest appearance from the color black. Well, I tried. I set down the white iPod power cord and black headphones on a white table by a white curtain. But the effect wasn't very white at all, even when I forced the camera to use flash:



Those are the least color saturated of the pics I took, and they still don't give the impression of whiteness. I'm going to have to cheat:

Similarly, I have a black and white dog, sort of. Pepper just got groomed yesterday and is all pretty. Cayenne, of course, can't even pass for black and white. She's the Red Dog of the family!

And here Pepper is in all her grayscale glory:



Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

I really like you came up with, especially the middle picture. Nicely done. Hon, you know that participation is completely voluntary, you don't have to participate if you aren't inspired to. The project will be here for at least 6 more months. I have them scheduled thru December. Please, it's no big deal if you want to sit them out once in a while. Okay?

Always good to see the pups. :)


Jama said...

I like the third one too! It's all about personal interpretation, different people will have different perspective. It's always fun to see someone's else different presentation on the same topic.

Jama said...

Happy Independence Day, Karen!