Saturday, March 26, 2011

Round Robin: The Blustery Edge of Spring

This week's Round Robin Photo Challenge, as suggested by Suzanne R of SuzyQ421'S Photo Blog, is "Winter Meets Spring." Living in Tucson, where wintry weather is rare and spring is nearly undetectable, I had serious doubts that I would find anything suitable. But on March 21st, which I usually think of as the first day of spring, the weather was extremely blustery. At the hanger-like building I work in northwest of Tucson, the wind whistled down the hallway all day long. I came out after work, drove toward the freeway and photographed this:

and this:

Chasing further pictures for this Challenge, I got off the freeway several exits closer to town, and photographed this:

Unfortunately once I did so I was pretty much forced back onto the freeway going the wrong way, back toward Phoenix.

I soon turned around and headed to Tucson, only to get off on what I hoped would be the scenic route. It made the drive home much longer, and I never really got a good vista to photograph. The best I managed was this:

When I got home, though, the sky over Calle Mumble did not disappoint:

So that was how Winter met Spring in Tucson this year--except that it turns out that it wasn't the first day of Spring after all. According to one of those websites that list easily obtained facts in the hope that you'll click on them and see their ads, we're halfway through a run of six years in a row in which Spring starts on the 20th instead of the 21st. Really? How did that happen?


Now let's see the juxtaposition of Winter and Spring in the other Robins' cameras!

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Scrabblequeen said...

Love the colors in the last photo in particular. Can you see spring flowers yet? Other than not wanting to make the drive, I'd love to see another April in Tucson. :-)

Linda said...

What an ominous sky you captured! And you went to such trouble to get those pictures! I heard many people who were confused about the start date of spring this year! :-)