Sunday, March 06, 2011

EMPS: Not Very Oopsy

This week for the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, Carly asked for "oops" photos, pictures that depict some kind of a mistake. I've been struggling with the concept all week, and haven't really solved it. It's not that I never make mistakes - far from it - but they aren't necessarily appropriate for photography. For example, last Sunday I had printer troubles as well as the flu and bronchitis, and consequently made a bit of a hash of payroll at St. Michael's. But I can't really show you my voided paychecks, or the red line items on the computer screen denoting them!

So instead you get a series of photos that lamely skirt the edges of the subject.

For example, last Sunday it snowed briefly as I circled a hospital parking lot, looking for a space (there's one! Oops! It's labeled for clergy only) and waiting for my friend Kevin to briefly visit our friend J., who was in there with congestive heart failure and pneumonia. But oops! 1. My attempt to photograph snow wasn't very successful, and 2. J. had already been discharged back to Devon Gables for rehab.

Also last Sunday: oops! Somebody dropped this pin in church. I posted a notice on the church blog asking, "Did you lose your heart?"

Today was the air show, or just maybe a minor one leading up to a major one later this month. Three and sometimes four mismatched planes were circling and performing tricks in formation for much of the afternoon. But on my first attempt to photograph them, oops! I mostly just photographed the DQ sign. Can you see the tiny shapes of the planes?

Here's a better shot. But oops - the dark one is lagging behind a bit!

ETA: This turns out to be part of the Heritage Flight Conference, in which pilots train to fly in a formation representing the history of Air Force aircraft. Read about it here and here. Also, it tuns out that there's no air show here this year. Phooey. I can't remember another year when there wasn't one.

Busy day in Tucson: we also went to the annual toy show this morning. We didn't find many new exhibits for the Museum of the Weird, but I was intrigued by this pile of old self help books, especially the one on the lower left. But oops! Somebody didn't do a good job of protecting these from mold and the elements! I would probably have an allergy attack just trying to read about psychoanalyzing my neighbors.

Last one. This is the cassock the nuns at the Benedictine Sanctuary, specifically Sister Joy Ann, made for me before Christmas. One day I stood up too fast after kneeling for confession, and oops! tore off several buttons when I caught my foot on the fabric! A parishioner had to sew on little patches around those torn buttonholes.



Scrabblequeen said...

Very clever "oopses". I had nothing, including no opportunity to go find something and shoot it!

Jama said...

You did it beautifully.
I have one photo that suits the theme, unfortunately I forget to post till too late! :(