Saturday, September 25, 2010

Round Robin: Together Wherever We Go

I had two ideas for my entry about the Round Robin Challenge: Togetherness, as suggested by Suzanne of SuzyQ421's Photo Blog. You see, this weekend is the English Faire at St. Michael and All Angels Church. I was kind of hoping to get photos of parishioners happily working together to prepare for the jumble sale, book sale, collectibles sale, children's area, Dirty Duck Pub etc. But frankly I was too busy and too stressed today, getting the rest of my own donations cataloged for tax purposes and priced for sale, to even think about taking pictures of the equally stressed people carrying all that stuff from the church office to the school gym and elsewhere.

Okay, then, back to my original idea!

Our dog Pepper (previous name: Lady Heather) came to us in March 2008, to help ease us through the last months of Tuffy's life. A rescue dog who was dumped by her owner for the crime of being pregnant, Pepper was initially an extremely standoffish dog. She would not obey commands, tended to get up and leave when petted, and just wanted to be left alone.

We adopted Cayenne (previous name: Ireland) on August 2, 2008, the day after Tuffy died. "Ireland" had also been dumped by a previous owner while pregnant, but temperamentally she was Pepper's opposite, a needy sweetie. After an initial period of mutual jealousy and struggles for dominance, they became more than friends. They became sisters.

For about a year when I was entirely jobless, I took the dogs to Reid Park nearly every day. We became very close, the three of us. Pepper became much less remote and contrary. Cayenne remained needy.

It's probably been a year since we've been to the dog park, but the dogs still like to hang out with me. If I'm in the bedroom, waiting on hold to file my unemployment claim (worth about $15 this week. Woo-hoo!), they want to be in the bedroom with me. If I'm watching Doctor Who in the den, Cayenne is probably on the couch beside me, Pepper on the floor. Or maybe they're both on the couch with me. If John's in the room, he takes precedence on the couch, and Pepper has to get down.

And there's a thing they do, these dogs, that I've never seen from any other dogs. Pepper likes to lick Cayenne's face, possibility as an act of fealty, or perhaps the opposite, in an attempt to dominate and mother her. Often it becomes a kissing contest, with both dogs competing to lick each other's mouths. Cute!


Now let's go see everyone else's photographic evidence of togetherness!

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Sandy said...

Ahh...great togetherness. They look so comfortable and happy together!

Rich said...

A nice take on the theme, they look like good friends.

Jama said...

A nice take on this week's theme! Just posted mine up, sorry a bit late.

Erin said...

There's something so honest in the friendship of animals. They expect so little of each other, unlike people. Maybe that's why so many people photographed animals for this!

Gattina said...

They are as sweet as my cats, lol !

Word in the Hand said...

You can tell who's the boss(es) in your house :)