Monday, September 13, 2010

Karen's Quest and Question #2: Shoes

Karen's Quest and Question

I only had one response to Karen's Quest and Question #1: Bunnies!, but it was only the first week, so we'll press on. Here comes

KQQ #2: Shoes

What do you like best about your favorite pair of shoes?
The idea is to post one photo of the subject (your favorite shoes in this case) and a one-sentence answer to the question posed above. My personal response cheats a little:

Quality matters: for once I have well-made women's shoes with custom orthotics, 
instead of cheap men's shoes that wear out in a month and leave me limping.

Last week I asked,

Rabbits, hares, jackalopes, Harvey... what is your preferred name for the floppy-eared creatures you encounter most often?

Jama answered...
The fluffy little animal is commonly known as Rabbit here or in my language ( Malay) as Arnab.

Karen answered...
The ones I see are mostly desert cottontails, but I quite like the name bunnies, myself!

Now it's your turn. Please post your "favorite shoes" photo and one-sentence answer in your blog, and include a link back to this entry. (Anything else you put in the entry is totally up to you.) Then come back here and leave a link to your entry in the comments below. I'll be back next Monday with a roundup of responses, plus the next topic. And if you missed the Bunnies, toopic, just this once I'll allow responses on that one for an extra week. Have fun!


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Jama said...

I can never wear a close covered shoes nowadays, too uncomfortable for me. Since our climate is hot and humid, open toes shoes are the norm here .

Here's my link to my post, Karen :