Sunday, December 06, 2009

EMPS: The New, Improved Old Car

To be honest, I kept putting off taking the pictures for this week's Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #66: Under The Hood. The hood doesn't stay up on my Eagle Vision, and it's hard to find and operate the catch that opens the hood at all. But here are the pics at last.

The thing to notice here is that these pics no linger feature ashes from burned wiring, as they did when I last photographed what was under the hood of my car. Also, the radiator has a shiny new cap. The radiator cap, at $8 or $12, I forget which, was the least expensive by far of the four sets of repairs the Eagle got this summer and fall. I figure we spent about $2000 repairing this 1994 car, much of which we still owe my dad, who pitched in to help.

The same car last August, after it overheated. Note the burned wiring.

So the engine, radiator, and air conditioning are in pretty good shape, finally. But the paint job is dead, the driver's side inside door handle fell off months ago, and the plastic dashboard is warping in the Arizona heat. But the car still gets me around, and that's what counts. Right?



Carly said...

Hi Karen

Vroomm, Vroommm. :) My car has had the putt putts lately, which has me a bit worried because she is only 3 years old. If you have a car that gets you around, and you don't have to worry about a payment each month, the it is a gem indeed. Gosh I am looking forward to not having a payment in a couple years.

Great pics. :)


Jama said...

I don't have a car, living in a city with superb public transportation, cars are a luxury to most. Simply too expensive to maintain a car here, it's cheaper to take the taxi everywhere.