Sunday, December 13, 2009

EMPS: Chasing Santa in Tucson Traffic

For Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #67: People And Places, Carly wanted us to get out and photograph people in, you know, places. Exactly a week ago as I write this, on Sunday afternoon, I had an unexpected encounter with some rather famous people in the most ordinary of places: the intersection of 22nd St. and Craycroft Road here in Tucson, Arizona, less than two miles from my home.

I was on my way across town when I saw a flash of the color red on a motorcycle in the right lane ahead of me.

When I pulled up to get a better look, the garments were instantly recognizable. The couple on the motorcycle were two of the most celebrated people in the world, particularly at this time of year: Santa and Mrs. Claus!

It soon became clear that they were turning right onto Craycroft, headed, perhaps, for Toys R Us, or possibly Party City. (Make of that what you will.) Well, I had to follow them, didn't I? I soon caught up and pulled alongside. Santa looked a little dubious at my maneuver, but his wife graciously waved as I took the shot, while Here Comes Santa Claus blared from the Harley's speakers.

And that's not all! The Clauses had an escort. Two elves were riding with them on a second motorcycle. I think they were a couple as well. And there you have it: the daring Daylight Ride of the Santa Claus Gang!



Carly said...

Hi Karen

Awww... vroom, vroom. Cute and festive! A perfect choice for this week's assignment.



Carolyn Ford said...

What a hoot! I bet you weren't the only one to chase them for a photo! Great post!

Jama said...

I bet you're not the only one chasing them with a camera, I would too!
Wait a minute, they are not wearing helmets, it's alright to ride motorcycle without them there? over here one is liable to be fined and demerit points deducted for not wearing helmets, it's illegal here.