Saturday, October 17, 2009

Round Robin: Mostly Dogs After Dark

It's Round Robin Time! This week's topic, Shooting In Low Light (Indoors And Out) was suggested by Terri of the blog "Ways I See The World."

Shooting in low light conditions is an ongoing struggle with me. My camera and I don't seem to be quite up to the task, which is a shame considering how often I'm called upon to do it. As the unofficial parish photographer of St. Michael and All Angels, I'm always taking pictures in a church that isn't exactly well lit, of people who aren't exactly close to where I'm sitting or standing. At home I'm forever wanting to take indoor pictures of the dogs without flash, because of what the flash does to their eyes in the photos (plus they don't like it). Our finances being what they are, I still don't own a tripod. I might be able to coax better indoor shots and night shots from the camera if I learn to use the manual settings, but so far I haven't had the patience to try.

Cayenne on the couch.
From Night Shoot

All that said, I really like the way the dog photos I took indoors tonight came out. They're grainy and the color is all wrong, but that just makes the photos more interesting. The washed out color gives them a nice retro moodiness, and Cayenne in particular looks like a completely different dog.

The obligatory "goofy" picture.

Look at that face!

This photo could easily have been taken in 1960 - but it wasn't.

Pepper assumes a cone shape.

Pepper's strangest poses all happened when I didn't have camera in hand.

Now let's go see what everyone else did with this Challenge!

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Sandy - From the Heart of Texas said...

I don't like to use flash indoors either but feel it's something I need to learn! Of course until I can afford a flash for my hotshoe so I don't have to use the in camera flash I'll probably not try (to learn flash better). Anyway, I really like your dog photos. It is so much better for them to not have to look at a flash. I love the grainy, 1960s look of them! :)

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

What cute puppies! But that first one makes C-Dog look like he is watching a spooky old movie on TV. It almost writes itself... "C-Dog was all set to watch REVENGE OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD CAT (A black and white film from 1950) when all of a sudden he heard a strange meow coming from behind the stove." YIKES! LOL. Great set of photos!


Sherrie said...

Hi Karen,
Great low light pictures. All your dogs are really cute. I like that first and last one the best. Mine is posted at my place, Sherrie's Stuff. Have a great day!


Suzanne R said...

Love your doggie pictures! The lack of flash really gives Cayenne different coloring. The graininess is interesting. Good job!

Carolyn Ford said...

Great low light with your dogs! They look very happy and content and wishing you would put that camera down! LOL!