Sunday, October 25, 2009

EMPS: Monochrome

For Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, for which I've missed the deadline again. I've got to stop doing that! The theme is black and white photography.

Naturally black and white, sort of, except for the lights.

A wall of St. Michael's that is missing its adobe surfacing.

The color version for comparison.

Mountains in the rear view.

Black and white except on the right.



Carly said...

Hi Karen

Glad you could join us! Great round-up of photos, the last one is really interesting. Is it... hanging in a bathroom? I can't quite make out the blue object, is it a shower curtain? Interesting choice for a bathroom. :) Thanks for playing.

-Carly :)

Liz said...

The second photograph holds my attention, as the tree takes centre stage and the life it contains is no longer confused by the colour of the wall behind it.
Here even the shadows cast appear to be more alive, as they take their place naturally in black on white.

Jama said...

I love that shot of your side view mirror,awesome!