Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Photo Not Taken

Back in the days of his AOL blog By the Way, John Scalzi used to periodically warn his readers and fellow bloggers not to post pictures of other people's children without permission, because of the privacy and security issues this might pose. I have not always complied perfectly with this principle, but I try to be sensitive to it, and not to cross a line. So when I drove past the Alamo Wash early yesterday evening and saw a child doing something rather amazing, I did not stop the car, turn around and try to get a picture. But I will tell you about it.

The photo above is from back in May, right after a rain storm. Where you see water flowing in the picture, substitute a dry street and dry dirt, and you'll have some idea of the scene Tuesday evening. As I approached the wash on my way home, with newly-groomed Pepper and rather relieved Cayenne, I noticed there were a couple of kids playing under the blue bridge. It wasn't until I drove past them that I saw what they were doing.

The boy, maybe ten years old, was wearing a Spider-Man costume, a decent one but with a crummy mask. He was hugging the slab of concrete in the left (west) side of the wash, trying to crawl up the wall! His sister(?), a few years older, was dangling a rope from above, presumably trying to help. I tried to give her a high sign, but I doubt that she understood the message. Already past the wash and the kids, I shouted out the open window, "I LOVE that!" and drove away.

I've taken my photos for the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot and will edit and post them after I've slept. They do not involve Spider-Man or the wash, but please stop back anyway.


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