Friday, July 17, 2009

F&FF: The Inside Game

For Feline and Furball with Feathers Friday:

Now that we've got both 100+ degrees and moderate humidity, plus the occasional thunderstorm, the dogs aren't spending much time outside....

As always, Cayenne looks to me for comfort, food and entertainment. Pepper wags her tail at the mention of her name, but declines to come over to me.

Cayenne shows off, hoping I'll pay more attention to her, and less to that other dog.

Pepper grudgingly indicates her willingness to be petted.

Mostly, though, she hangs out near the windows, watching the outside without subjecting herself to the heat of the day.

And when the thunderstorm arrives in the evening, Cayenne hides under my desk.


1 comment:

Suzanne R said...

Cute doggies! Unfortunately, the last two pictures didn't come through for me but the rest did. Your dogs are better at posing than my cats!