Saturday, June 13, 2009

Round Robin: Up a Tree, Up a Creek

I had a great title lined up for my entry in response to this week's Round Robin topic. The topic itself is "Looking Up," as suggested by Robinella of the blog Robinella's. My variation was brief and elegant and clever, and went with the photos I took earlier this week. Only I can't remember that title. I've been wracking my brains for nine hours now, to no avail. Ah, well! We'll just make do with what we have.

There is a very tall, very dead tree near the rose garden in Reid Park. It is very handy for birdwatching. It's high enough above the ground to attract many species of birds, and bare enough that it utterly fails to conceal them from human eyes. All I have to do is point my camera and look up. I've previously posted photos of a hawk and a couple of vermilion flycatchers in this tree, so let's skip over those for this morning. They're not the only kinds of birds I've seen in it.

"Just like a white-winged dove..." because that's exactly what it is. Tucson has White-winged Doves, Mourning Doves, Inca Doves (which are significantly smaller), and Rock Doves, better known as pigeons. White-winged Doves are especially common around here, and have a very distinctive song - not one worth Stevie Nicks going on about, though.

I've already posted quite a few photos of Reid Park's many Black-Crowned Night Herons, and could easily post quite a few more. There's a particular tree next to one of the duck ponds that almost always has two or more of them perched in it around sunset. The rest of them hang out on the concrete shore, waiting for a chance at some fish. (More on that tomorrow night.) This is the first decent shot I've gotten of one of them up in the air.

Many of the tallest trees in Tucson are palms. They aren't native but are ubiquitous anyway. Grackles seem to like them, but not many other birds turn up in them, as far as I've seen.

So much for the "up a tree" part of this entry. What is my excuse for the phrase "up a creek?" Perhaps I should say "up the waterfall" instead. As I've mentioned in past entries, the two "urban lakes" at Reid Park are fed from a pair of manmade streams flowing down from Barnum Hill. The northbound stream reaches the lake via a small but pretty manmade waterfall. On two different days I looked up the waterfall, and captured what I saw in photos that I frankly like a lot. Here they are:

The grackles seem to be saying, "Good grief! What now?"
The woman is joyous; the dog is distracted.

Let's play Twister!

That's it for me for now! Let's go see everyone else's upward-looking photos!

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Also, I'd like to make a special plea. Carly and I each have another meme, both of them started years ago by John Scalzi for the now-defunct AOL blog By the Way. Mine is the Weekend Assignment, which I was posting on Thursday nights, but it's recently slipped into Friday. Carly's is the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot. We'd both appreciate it if you'd check them out, especially if you normally only stop by our blogs at Round Robin time. The Weekend Assignment is a writing prompt, not a photo challenge, but I'd really like to see some Robins give it a try anyway. Especially this week. See, this week's Assignment is to introduce us to where you live, without resorting to photography. Can you do it? Will you? I hope so!



Anonymous said...

What an array of great pics that fit the theme so perfectly! WOW!

Love that tall bare tree...if you get a chance, do show us more pics of the birds on it. Must be quite a scene if they all park there!

Thanks for sharing....I await your comment on mine. Do drop by and have good weekend.

ellen b said...

That bare tree really stands out and attracts the birds. Great shots. The waterfall perspective is interesting...
I'll have to look into the word challenge you are talking about...

Linda said...

I love your waterfall pictures. The grackles are "looking up" too! Nice work on this assignment. The one of the bird in flight is really lovely.

a corgi said...

that looks like one tall palm tree! I liked your first picture when you were describing the bare tree but there was a frond of a palm tree in that picture, I liked that effect. and I think it would be fun to explore/visit that waterfalls area; I'm not sure I could be brave enough to play Twister up there though

I'll look at that writing assignment meme you were mentioning to check it out; not sure if I can participate in it or not

enjoy your day


Teena in Toronto said...

Lots of great shot!

I played too :)

Linda said...

Great pictures. It's always fun to see things from other locales--I certainly don't get to see waterfalls or palm trees around here!

Carly said...

Hi Karen

What fun pictures. Everyone really look like they are enjoying themselves. :) That makes me smile.


Steven said...

Love the Grackles. Nice take on the palm!

Sherrie said...

Great looking up post! I really like that palm tree photo! Being in the midwest, I've never saw one close up. Awesome tree! Have a great evening!


Suzanne R said...

I like all of your photos but my favorites are the "up the creek" ones, for no particular reason. Maybe because they have people in them? Anyway, nice job!

Wammy said...

What a very intertaining lot of shots. I like the 'twister' one the best. Looks so fun!

Monica said...

It looks like they are having fun in the creek/waterfall. Great way to cool down.

I enjoyed all your 'Looking Up' selections.