Tuesday, June 02, 2009

EMPS: A Barrel of Rainbows

For Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #40: Rainbows, Carly has set us a pretty problem. Real-life rainbows probably won't be turning up here until July when the monsoon hits, and my attempt to find sunlight refracting through running water was a total failure. Fortunately, she's also allowing for photographing rainbow designs, and I lucked onto just that Monday afternoon.


I've wanted to write about the trash bins of Reid Park for a while. They are all covered with Reid Park Zoo banners and colorful painted decorations by children. I've seen ones with animals, a volcano and all sorts of other cool things. This one is placed just outside the entrance to the rose garden.

Up close you can see that the kids have signed their work. It's kind of too bad that the bin liner covers it up. But at least you can see through the plastic!

The theme continues on the other side of the bin, with a vertical prism design.

Carly also asks what colors give us the most trouble in our photography. I love color, all bright colors, that is. The only troubles I seem to have are preserving color in low light conditions, or getting purple to read true, or photographing actual rainbows. Too often the camera seems to wash them out so that they are barely visible, and photo editing can't entirely compensate. But we'll see what my new camera can do when the rainy season arrives.

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Call me Paul said...

Two words: polarizing filter.

Carly said...

Hi Karen

Neat! :) Reid Park certainly has all kinds of treasures! What a great place to spend some time.


Jama said...

Interesting.....but very pretty!

Suzanne R said...

How neat, that the rainbows on the barrels are done by children. They are very pretty! Great shots of them, too!

Mike said...

That's one way to make a garbage can look nicer. :)