Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lonely Ghost

You know I'm a sucker for Halloween. Every year I decorate the little alcove in front of our house, come up with a costume (sometimes new, sometimes a rerun), put together treat bags full of candy and toys, and sit out there for three hours or longer, waiting for kids (and sometimes adults) to come along. Some years we've had as many as a hundred or so.

This year we got 14.

I'm bummed out.

We had old comics this year, in addition to the candy and toys, cast-offs from John's collection of cheap reading copies of relatively worthless titles. I had a graveyard theme going this year, and I was a Ghost Bride. My not-terribly-successful makeup was the end result of buying Halloween makeup from three different stores. I bought a $9 shirt today to go with the skirt that's now too big for me. I was up until 3:30 AM last night, bagging candy and putting up the decor inside and outside the alcove.

And 14 people collected their comics and toys and candy, while the Assembly of God church across the street blared out raffle numbers at its competing "Fall Festival."


The Ghost Bride mostly waited in vain.

"Raise your arms!" John ordered during the traditional 
end-of-Halloween-night photo shoot.

End of the night. The makeup was much the worse for wear, 
especially after eating dinner perched on a stool outside.


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Becky said...

Halloween was a bust here too. Guess I picked the wrong year to give up candy. We have a ton left. I think here it was because it was drizzling and it's a school night. Plus the next town over had a huge "trunk-or-treat" event last Saturday at the train station. Hundreds of cars with their trunks decorated and full of treats. Hordes of kids. Ah well.