Monday, September 09, 2013

Travels With Frank: The Small Stuff

I didn't get my computer back today. In fact, I haven't heard a word from Staples since I prepaid for the servicing. I hope they didn't forget that I came in and paid, and that the computer isn't impossible to clear of malware. I should have called today, but forgot until after Staples' closing time.

So let me just post a few photos with a brief explanation. My dad is very interested in visual detail, something he's still capable of as words and concepts and memories of past and present increasingly elude him. Before the strokes and Ruth's death, he used to build extremely detailed Model railroading layouts in N-scale, the smallest of the commonly available sizes for such things. I'm told that he used to paint even the faces of tiny people inside the N-scale school buses and the like!

So today, when I realized that the Gadsden-Pacific Toy Train Operating Museum reopened today after bring closed all summer, I took him down there for a very enjoyable 45 minutes or so. I just wish there was a way to get him involved in working on such things again, instead of just looking at them. But I suppose that's asking far too much if him at this point.


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Wil said...

There would be no harm in discussing this issue (with the Activities Director and the Occupational Rehab counselor at the facility) of Frank participating in the model RR museum or, perhaps, an N-Gauge club in the area for an hour or two, once a month in the evening until he reaches the point where he can no longer physically participate, if he is stable in social situations and retains the fine motor skills to enjoy the process. Often the club members will embrace his presence with open arms. It all depends and you'd be on of the best judges of his abilities.