Friday, July 12, 2013

Round Robin: Only the Car Gets Wet

When I posted the topic for this week's Round Robin Challenge: Get Wet!, I was frankly hoping that sometime during these past two weeks there would be an awesome monsoon storm here in Tucson that I could catch people and/or dogs getting wet in. But most of the rain so far this season has happened at night, often when I'm asleep. Usually there are lots of little storms in the late afternoon, but the few daytime ones I've seen recently, aside from the first one (which I forgot to photograph), have been, well, less than awesome. So it's on to Plan B, right?

The main reason I've known about the nighttime storms is that I come out in the morning and there are spots all over the car. Clearly the car has been getting wet - just enough to get dirtier instead of cleaner. I've had the car washed twice in two weeks, but look at the driver's side window as of this evening. All the dust in the air gets on the car, and the rain turns the dust into dried-on dirt drops.

Okay, so I have no great monsoon pictures yet for this year. But on the Fourth of July I started the day with a walk with the dogs down to the nearest part of the Boneyard, where the retired aircraft are. I carried a collapsible mini bowl for the dogs' water, and filled it at a water fountain under a ramada (a sort of canopy, in this case over a couple of concrete picnic tables). Kito drank two bowls of water almost by himself, and then got the concrete slab under the ramada more than a little wet by knocking over the bowl.

Cute, but not impressive. Clearly I'm going to have to go to the archives to get something decent here!

Back in April I took my Dad on a tram ride up Sabino Canyon. It was already hot enough that people were cooling off by getting wet in Sabino Creek, the closest thing we have to a beach around here.

Now let's see what other Robins found that was getting wet!

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And it's not too late to jump in on this topic yourself! (What do you mean, this Challenge is all wet?) ;)



Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Sabino Creek is beautiful! I would love to see more photos from there, maybe different times of day? Just a thought. Good challenge!

Carly :)

Jama said...

The creek is such a lovely place to cool oneself on a hot sunny day.