Friday, May 17, 2013

Round Robin: Before and After: A Change for the Better

I have two entries for this week's Round Robin Challenge: Before And After. The "Before" image in this one is a bit disturbing, so I'm going to put a jump break so you can skip the pictures if you dislike gory body parts. The other entry is safe, I promise!

Still here? Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you've seen some of this already. But I've held back the most graphic picture from my dog-walking accident on May 1st until now:

You read that right. I did all this walking the dogs! It was about 9 PM and I was walking in the neighborhood, about a mile and a bit from home. I had a little flashlight in one hand and my iPhone in the other with the Nike+ running app open, plus the dogs' leashes. Then I fell. Maybe I tripped over a molecule of air. Maybe the dogs happened to tug me in two different directions at the wrong moment. Maybe I stepped on the edge of the sidewalk and the dirt beyond, or on a little metal cover over a bit of sewer. Whatever happened, I went down!

It took me about two minutes to stop the Nike app because the blood interfered with my swipe. I had to do that to call John! He came and got me and the dogs. Afterward he took me to an Urgent Care, where I got 7 stitches, three inside, four outside.

This is me the next day, all cleaned up.

By Saturday when I got an eye exam, the bruises were the most dramatic part of my appearance.

But I still had a bit of a Frankenstein's Monster thing going on.

Two weeks and a bit after the accident, though, the bruises are gone except a bit of pinkness on my forehead and a little bruising on my knees. The cut has no more visible stitches. It's almost like just a really deep wrinkle!

That's it for this one. Check out my other entry, and please also go see the other Robins' entries:

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Jama said...

I'm glad everything went well, take care next time when you walk your dogs at night Karen.