Saturday, July 14, 2012

Round Robin: A Convocation of Angels

...on my neighbor's wall!

For the Round Robin Challenge: On the Wall, I've already shown you some of the lizards, terra cotta suns and other items that decorate the front walls of my neighbors' homes (scroll down). But there is also a large concentration of items sitting or standing on top of a high wall near Terra Del Sol Park. Let's look at that next.

I didn't notice these until this morning, mostly because it's usually dark outside when I walk through that part of my neighborhood. What is all that stuff on the wall?

Are those angels? Are they all angels? As in, St. Michael and All Angels?

Well, they are all angels, but not all angels are there, if you know what I mean. I didn't see a St. Michael., for example, although I could have overlooked him.

Now let's check out what other Robins found on walls!

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Sue said...

Wow... now those are my favorites! I collect angels too but I keep them in a glass cabinet.

Carly said...

Hi again... WOW! Talk about covering your bases! LOL. Every angel is represented here methinks. :) I would be worried that some mean spirited person would either steal them or break them. Must be my cynical California tude... LOL.

Jama said...

wow, those are gorgeous and I hope nobody would steal one of two of those angels.

Rita said...

I've seen this wall of angels before. A blogger named Marie posted it for Friday Fences some weeks ago. Certainly unique.